Monday, December 9, 2019

Release 0.4: Week #2

Release 0.4: 2nd Update

The progress of Release 0.4 has been pretty good. I assisted another classmate with a issue and even though they did majority of the work, I did participate in researching and fixing bugs that took place.

Internal Issue: click here
PR: click here: click here

This week wasn't too productive which I regret as I was consumed by major projects from different courses. However, for this internal issue, it was about switching from JSDOM to puppeteer. I am glad that we were able to complete on time, however, I was unable to go for help with the teacher due to my schedule. Thus, my partner ended up doing it more consistently. Other than this, I was still unable to find a external issue for Release 0.4 and was currently rushing. It was decided that this issue and pull request be given to my partner and I find another one to be fair. So my learning objective for this week is to be more productive / obtain better time management.

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