Saturday, November 2, 2019

Release 0.2 - Week #4

Hactoberfest 2019- Week #4

For the last week of Hactoberfest 2019, I completed two issues for this week of the Hacktoberfest. The issues and the PR will be listed down below: 

Issue #4: click here 
PR #4: click here

Issue #5: click here
PR #5: click here

The first issue I worked on for week#4 was about improving the README file for an Event API. My changes included:

  1. Made some changes to word choices. 
  2. Took out some redundant information like install NodeJS / Git when mentioned beforehand in the pre-requisites. 
  3. Grammar check. 

The second issue was a bug that the footer of the website was not acting according to the desired functionality. The footer at the bottom of the website was overlapping with the content which mainly occurred when scrolling up and down a page. This issue required me to download: 
  1. NodeJS and MongoDB to make it work on the local host. 
I fixed the issue by making changes in the CSS with the position / width / height elements and then tested it to make sure it worked. 

This week was a larger learning curve for me because I got to work with setting up NodeJS and MongoDB and then fixing a bug in the footer of the website. Furthermore, I had to follow a tutorial on setting up the MongoDB database from Youtube which was great! Moreover, I had to do research on other projects README files to see how I can improve the one I did for Issue#4 which was a very extensive research period. 

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