Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Release 0.2 - Week #2

Hactoberfest 2019- Week #2

For the 2nd week of Hactoberfest 2019, I worked on a bit more complex open source request / project than I did last week. It required much more time but I feel like I made quick a bit of progress on the issue.

For the issue, click here
For the pull request, click here

First, this issue/request required us to contribute to his code as much as possible. He had Several code files which were different Sorting Algorithms in different programming languages which included: JavaScript, C / C++ Programming, and Java. Pretty much it looked like an unsorted file of sorting algorithms:

The way I contributed to his code included:

1. Sorting his algorithms in sub - folders and based on the Sorting Type, I grouped them together. Like this:

Structure Change:
                           - Files related to BubbleSort
                           - Files related to BucketSort
                  ..... continuation

2. I did code clean up + documentation on functions / important parts of the code that required the user to understand what was happening.

This issue was a good experience for me because it required me to look at the code and make changes where I see fit. Except requesting specific changes, he let us take control and told us to contribute to his project as much as possible. Due to this, I was able to examine the code and find fixes on my own which is a good skill to have in general. The pull request has not been accepted yet, however, I hope my changes are up to his standard and they do get accepted.

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